A Darlington school has made history by winning every trophy in an annual cross-country competition.

It is the first time in the 50 year history of the Darlington Secondary Schools Cross Country this feat has been achieved.

Carmel College won the Year 7, 8/9 and 10/11 Boys and Girls team races, as well as the Girls and Boys Championships and the Dave Bell Trophy for the overall championships.

Carmel had two winners in Joseph Clamp (Year10/11 Boys) and Kate Blaylock (Year 8/9 Girls) and three runners up in Charlotte McGarry, Tom Mason and Emma Clifford.

Head of PE, Simon Hannaford, said: "The athletes have trained hard for this event and thoroughly deserve this success.

"It wasn't just about the runners at the head of the field but the fantastic support from the rest of the team who showed tremendous strength in depth.

"Carmel have nearly 40 runners selected to represent Darlington in the County Championships in January and I am proud of each and every one of them."

The full list of results are: Year 7 Boys - 1 Will Iles (Hummerskott); 2 Michael Sweet (Longfield); 3 Nat Poole (Hummerskott).Team - 1 Carmel.Year 7 Girls - 1Maddy Winzer (Polam);2 Beth Ward (Hurworth); 3 Nicole Burlinson (Carmel). Team - 1 Carmel. Year 8/9 Boys - 1 Josh Phillips (Hurworth); 2 Chris Gaffney (Hummersknott); 3 Paul Clifford (Carmel). Team - 1 Carmel. Year 8/9 Girls - 1st Kate Blaylock (Carmel); 2 Charlotte McGarry (Carmel); 3 Rebecca Noble (Carmel). Team - 1 Carmel. Year 10/11 Boys - 1 Joseph Clamp (Carmel); 2 Tom Mason (Carmel); 3 Jamie Rutherford (Hummersknott). Team - 1 Carmel. Year 10/11 Girls - 1 Seraphina Kelvey-Brown (Hummerskott); 2 Emma Clifford (Carmel); 3 Rachel Brown (Carmel). Team - 1 Carmel Boys overall 1st Carmel. Girls Overall 1st Carmel. Overall Championship 1st Carmel Technology College 2nd Hummersknott Languages College 3rd Hurworth Maths and Computing College; 4th Longfield Sports College.