A HARD-hitting film which graphically highlights the consequences of speeding has been launch-ed in an effort to cut the number of road deaths in the region.

The 18-minute DVD features fatal and traumatic crashes in the hope they will prick the consciences of motorists who flout the law.

Gotcha is aimed at 16 to 25-year-olds, who tend to be involved in the highest percentage of speed-related accidents across the country.

Its creators, Cleveland Safety Camera Partnership, also hopes the footage will help dispel the perception that cameras are merely revenue-raising machines.

Mick Bennett, communications manager for the camera partnership, said: "This is reality, it is not just us trying to get our side of the story across. This what happens."

He added: "We are not interested in catching anyone. The most successful camera will be the one that catches nobody because that will show people are sticking to the speed limit."

The £60,000 cost of the project has been covered by revenue raised from speed cameras on Teesside.

Among contributors to the film are crash scene investigators, an accident and emergency consultant and a road traffic victim, to give the project its hard-hitting edge.

The initiative is backed by Cleveland Police who have the painful task of informing family members of the devastation caused by fatal accidents.

Assistant Chief Constable Adam Briggs said: "It is not simply about enforcing the law - we are talking about saving lives and saving families from tragedy.

"We want to change motorists behaviour."

The DVD is already available from some filling station forecourts on Teesside, and the partnership is hoping to distribute copies to all schools and colleges to target younger drivers.