A WOMAN unable to remember her name after she was seen on a busy town centre roundabout was identified last night.

Police made an unusual public appeal for help after the 49-year-old was spotted on the roundabout in St Cuthbert's Way, Darlington, at 3pm on Monday.

She was initially taken by ambulance to Darlington Memorial Hospital, before being transferred to the town's West Park Hospital.

But officers had no idea who she was as she had no identification on her and was unresponsive when questioned.

Following an appeal for information broadcast on TFM Radio yesterday afternoon, an off-duty police officer from Middlesbrough contacted officers in Darlington.

A member of the woman's family also got in touch, as did a health professional.

Inspector Tony Bell, of Durham Police, said the woman had been in danger from the traffic.

He said: "As a result of these calls, the lady was positively identified as a 49-year-old lady from Stockton.

"She is now responding to her name and receiving treatment."

He said the woman may be released today.