WHOEVER used a hosepipe to flood the bedroom of a 89-year-old widow probably thought it was very funny - a bit of a prank.

But the mindless act of vandalism which took place in Grange Crescent in the Marton area of Middlesbrough is not a laughing matter.

The extensive damage caused to the widow's home will be repaired in time. But how do you mend the damage caused to her self-confidence? Living alone, having lost her husband, she now feels frightened and vulnerable, all because someone who was at the back of the queue when the brain cells were handed out decided to feed a hosepipe through her bedroom window and turn on the tap full blast.

The type of person prepared to commit such an appalling act is almost certainly the type of person who wouldn't be able to help bragging about it to their friends.

We urge those friends to see the seriousness of this crime; to think about the impact it has had on a frail 89-year-old woman who is now living in fear.

We urge them to pick up the telephone and tell the police the name of the offender so he or she can be brought to justice.

And when that happens, we hope the courts let the perpetrator have it - full blast.