A SINGLE kiss resulted in a fight which spilled out of a pub and led to two police officers being injured, a court heard.

Mark Wilson took exception to another man trying to kiss his girlfriend and began a fight with him in which a table and drinks overturned, at the Fir Tree, in Wingate, east Durham.

The violence spread outside the pub, involving others, including Mark Pace, who was abusive when police officers arrived.

Durham Crown Court heard that Pace, who appeared heavily intoxicated, threw a training shoe at an officer trying to calm Wilson, and then, when a female colleague went to arrest him, he spat at her and struggled to break free.

As both officers gave chase, Pace leapt over a wall in the pub car park which was only a foot off the ground on one side, but with a drop of up to 3ft on the other.

The female officer banged her head and suffered concussion, while her male colleague fell awkwardly and broke his ankle.

Euan Duff, prosecuting, said metal parts had to be inserted and, seven months later, the officer is only able to perform light duties.

Wilson, 20, of Woodland View, and 19-year-old Pace, of North Road West, both Wingate, each admitted affray. Pace also admitted resisting arrest.

Ron Mitchell, for both, said the spark was the kiss, "which caused some upset", but the later injuries to the officers were unintended as Pace was merely trying to flee.

Both men, said to be in work as painters and decorators, were ordered to perform 100-hours' community punishment work.

Pace was ordered to pay the officer who suffered the broken ankle £2,500 compensation and Wilson was ordered to pay £50 compensation for the damage in the pub, plus £290 costs.

Judge Esmond Faulks also barred both from the Fir Tree for two years.