A LOCAL authority has revealed plans to save £29m - by moving and updating many of its offices.

Officials at City of York Council say they could save the money over the next 30 years if the proposals are agreed by councillors.

The authority owns or leases 16 premises, located mainly in or around the city centre. Some of them are historic listed buildings that have been converted from residential use to office use.

An independent review of the office accommodation has concluded that large parts of the buildings are outdated, disjointed and unsuitable for office accommodation.

It also found that the properties do not represent value for money and are inefficient and expensive to maintain.

Officials say the current accommodation also presents a real constraint on the authority's ability to respond to the changing needs of its customers, modernise the organisation and meet Disability Discrimination Act legislation.

The council's executive is being asked to agree to recommendations to build an administrative building, providing up to 12,870 square metres of office accommodation, at Hungate.

If the proposal is agreed, the council would also retain its accommodation at the Guildhall, St Anthony's House, in Clarence Street, and Acomb Office.

A spokesman said last night: "The proposed scheme represents a unique opportunity for the authority to unlock a whole range of benefits in the way it delivers its services to customers, and for the wider community."