After seeing his defence keep a clean sheet for two games running for the first time this season, David Hodgson had words of praise for recalled striker Clyde Wijnhard after his role in the shut-out.

The Dutchman, back in the team following a bright display as a substitute at home to Boston last week, returned after being on the sidelines for seven matches, but he didn't have a sniff of goal on Saturday.

As the lone striker in a 4-5-1 set-up he found scoring chances hard to come by but his brief was to put pressure on the Northampton defence and it was a task Hodgson was pleased to see his enigmatic forward fulfil.

"When you get a clean sheet you tend to immediately look at the back four for the reasons but the defending started with Clyde up front," said Hodgson who replaced a puzzled-looking Wijnhard with Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu for the last 20 minutes.

"In the first ten minutes he wasn't playing as central as we wanted him to because that was probably just eagerness to impress.

"But once he got himself sorted and stopped them from playing balls from the middle they had to pass to their full-backs and they had nowhere to go because of our five in midfield who all did their jobs too.

"Clyde worked very hard, he wasn't happy when he came off, I think he must've been watching a match on Sky recently, maybe he thought it shows a competitive attitude to be annoyed at being brought off!

"But we always intended to make that change after an hour as he hasn't played 90 minutes for a while."

The scoreless draw with Boston angered some but Hodgson, although disappointed not to win, was satisfied at not conceding a goal and hopes the last two results will prove to be the beginning of a run of good form.

He said: "We tried hard the other night but we were up against a side hell bent on making sure we didn't score.

"People were disappointed with the result but I was happy we got a clean sheet and this is another one and a point away from home which is something we have got to build on."

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