A YOUTH project is hoping to copy a scheme that has already proven a success in Darlington.

The Youth Inclusion Service was impressed by a project in Darlington which created a mobile youth centre -and now hopes to create a cabin, called a pod, in Willington to help young people create their own social activities and cut down on anti-social behaviour problems.

If the pod is a success, similar projects could be set up throughout the Wear Valley area.

Youth inclusion manager for Wear Valley Remi Omole said he had been impressed by the similar project in Darlington.

Mr Omole said talks had started with Wear Valley District Council to find a place for the pod and see if planning permission was needed.

He said: "We have targeted about 30 young people in the Willington and Crook area who have been brought to our notice by the anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, and the response has been positive.

"We are now doing what we can to get started."

The cabin would be built for the project's needs and would provide a safe and warm venue for young people to gather. It could also offer facilities such as computers and games consoles.

It is hoped that various agencies will get involved and that young people will have a say on what services they would like to see introduced in their town.

The pod will be in Willington for at least six months - and possibly longer, depending on how successful it has been.

Elaine Baker, community safety co-ordinator at Wear Valley District Council, said: "Pods are used extensively in Darlington and have proved very popular with young people.

"We are hopeful that this scheme will go ahead and prove just as popular with our young people in Willington."