TWO streakers who dashed on to the pitch during the England cricket match at Chester-le-Street will not be charged.

The two men bared all last Saturday when England beat the West Indies at the Riverside Ground.

The pair, who drew cheers from the 16,000 sell-out crowd, were arrested and ejected from the ground.

A police spokesman has said that they will not be prosecuted for their cheeky pitch invasion.

Only six arrests were made during the match, the biggest sporting event the County Durham force has policed since 1974 when it was responsible for crowd control at Sunderland FC.

The other four were for drink-related offences and will not lead to charges.

Police were out in force at the game, backed up by cricket club stewards and Chester-le-Street District Council.

Chief Insp Jamie McAloon, of Durham Police, said: "I was very pleased indeed with the way the police operation went.

"The Riverside is a car crime hot-spot but there were no offences of cars being taken or broken into thanks to a partnership between the police and the council.

"We had specials and stewards patrolling the area and there were no problems.''