ANYONE with the surname I'Anson is invited to visit the Richmondshire museum free next weekend to see a display about the fabled Lass of Richmond Hill, who bore the same name.

The exhibition sets out the claims of Frances I'Anson to be the lass of the famous love song.

Free entry is offered to I'Ansons throughout the season, but organisers hope as many as possible will visit on July 29 and 30 - and that the weekend may result in a family get-together.

The museum is open daily, from 11am to 5pm.

Frances I'Anson was reputedly born at Leyburn in 1766, the daughter of a London attorney, and lived at Hill House, Richmond, where she was wooed and won by an Irish barrister, Leonard MacNally, writer of the famous song.

The couple were married in 1787.

When the song became popular in the late 18th Century, claims were put forward that the Richmond in the lyrics was Richmond, Surrey