IF there is something baby Reece Gales won't be needing for Christmas, it's his two front teeth.

For the baby has surprised parents and doctors by being born with three teeth already grown.

His father, Anthony, 25, of Spen Street, Stanley, County Durham said: "When Reece was born, the paediatrician was amazed to find that he had two front teeth. And then he noticed a third one coming."

Mum Jenette, 25, said: "He said he had never come across a baby being born with teeth in all his career as a paediatrician.

"But doctors don't know what they are going to do with them yet.

"I was told that, as natal teeth they could sometimes become dislodged.

"They may have to remove them."

Reece, who was born at the Dryburn Hospital in Durham, has been allowed home with his mother.