A CHILDREN'S home manager said yesterday that three women workers launched a conspiracy to accuse him of indecent assault after he had had affairs with each of them.

Married Christopher Winstanley Smith, 41, told a court that two of them ripped his clothes off for naked romps.

One, he claimed, seduced him in the living room using low lights and soft music, after they had been drinking in the staff bar at the Aycliffe Children's Centre until 2am.

Another "foul-mouthed" worker grabbed him on her sofa before they had full sex, he claimed.

A third rolled naked with him on her bathroom floor while her family were at work and school, he told Teesside Crown Court,

Mr Winstanley Smith said he was not proud of betraying his wife Linda with them over two years, but claimed they launched a conspiracy against him by alleging that he indecently assaulted them.

He said: "None of my behaviour towards any of these women could be construed as indecent assault. Everything in it was with full consent.

"Each of these women was a very active partner. One of them I knew for about a year and it was a very deep, loving relationship."

He described one of the women, a 40-year-old colleague, as a gossip.

Peter Makepeace, prosecuting, asked why he would have sex with a lady like that.

He replied: "It was one of those things that happens spontaneously, but I wish it had not happened."

He told Teesside Crown Court that he got away with it for so long through "lying by omission" to his wife.

Mr Makepeace insisted: "You are now an accomplished liar about events with these three ladies. It is a tissue of lies to say that they are in it as a conspiracy."

Mr Winstanley Smith said: "I thought this was something that the girls had put together to make some money out of it, by claiming compensation."

Winstanley Smith, of Newton Aycliffe, pleads not guilty to four indecent assaults on the three between June 1994 and June 1995.

The case continues.