HOMES around Hartlepool are to benefit from improved street lighting in a bid to stamp out burglary.

More than 200 houses in the Belle Vue/Rift House East burglary initiative area will get the lighting.

The area has already received £60,000 from the Government to tackle burglary, and break-ins have been cut by more than 20 per cent.

As well as the £30,625 lighting scheme, it has been agreed to put up more secure fencing in the area, and a gate between garages and the backs of houses to prevent easy access by burglars.

Hartlepool Borough Council's community safety strategy officer, Alison Mawson, said: "We felt this was worthy of support because a significant number of properties will benefit from the scheme, and we believe it will make a big contribution to reducing residents' fear of crime.

"It will also help us build upon the success of the burglary initiative, which has had a major impact."