Durham and District League - MURTON gained a massive home win over Fishburn Club to move into second place in the Third Division, five points behind the leaders, Newton Hall but one point ahead of third-placed Wolsingham.

The Murton results (home skips names first): T. W. Todd 21 D. Morrison 14; J. Donaldson 20 R. Lee 18; J. Bannister 19 R. Adamson 19; R. Spindler 24 G. Smith 18. Murton won 84 shots to 69.

In the Second Division, newly promoted Nevilles Cross maintained their 100 per cent record - only Newton Hall in the Third Division share this distinction out of all divisions - when they made an 89-62 away win at Chilton.

Rink scores (Chilton skips names first): W. Henderson 20 R. Hindson 17; W. Blyth 9 K. Peacock 33; M. Younghusband 15 I. Hudson 20; J. Jones 18 S. King 19.

Shotton pulled off a high-scoring home win over Pelton Fell, who failed to score a point. Shotton have moved into third place in the First Division. Shotton won 94-61 and, with their skips names first, the rink scores were: F. Kipling 23 C. Thompson 15; R. Setterfield 20 D. Lonsdale 19; J. Langley 28 T. Stoker 11; W. Hind 23 J. Clarkson 16.

Results - Division One: Mainsforth 6 King George V 4; Langley Park 4 Ever ready/Craghead 6; Shotton 10 Pelton Fell 0; Leeholme 8 Bowburn 2. Coxhoe v Glenholme postponed.

Division Two: Vane Tempest 2 Wingate 8; Chilton 2 Nevilles Cross 8; Trimdon 3 Stockton Elm Tree 7; Addison Park 0 Sherburn Village 10; Brandon 2 Stockton 8.

Division Three: Wheatley Hill 8 Kelloe 2; Witton Gilbert 7 Belmont 3; Wolsingham 4 Newton hall 6; Murton 9 Fishburn WMC 1.

Tomorrow's games - Division One: Langley Park v King George V; Shotton v Mainsforth; Glenholme v Ever Ready/Craghead; Leeholme v Pelton Fell; Coxhoe v Bowburn.

Division Two: Trimdon v Stockton; Addison Park v Brandon; Wingate v Stockton Elm Tree; Chilton v Sherburn Village; Vane Tempest v Nevilles Cross.

Division Three: Wheatley Hill v Newton Hall; Murton v Wolsingham; Willington Spectrum v Kelloe; Witton Gilbert v Fishburn WMC.

Placings - Division One: Leeholme 39; Mainsforth 34; Shotton 31; Ever Ready/Craghead 29; Bowburn 28; Coxhoe 18; Langley Park and King George V 16 each; Glenholme 15; Pelton Fell 14.

Division Two: Nevilles Cross 35; Stockton Elm Tree 29; Addison Park and Stockton 28 each; Wingate and Sherburn Village 26 each; Brandon 24; Vane Tempest, Chilton and Trimdon 18 each.

Division Three: Newton Hall 32; Murton 27; Willington Spectrum 26; Wheatley Hill 25; Wolsingham 24; Witton Gilbert 21; Kelloe 20; Fishburn 19; Belmont 6.

South West Durham League

Second Division Wolsingham are the only unbeaten side after the first four matches.

Results - Division One: Bishop Auckland 2 Brandon 8; Cockton Hill 7 Shildon Town A 3; Leeholme 2 Mainsforth 8; Shildon Railway 6 Addison Park 4; Spennymoor A 8, Glenholme 2; Addison Park 8 Cockton Hill 2; Brandon 2 Spennymoor A 8; Glenholme 10 Shildon Railway 0; Mainsforth 10 Bishop Auckland 0; Shildon Town A v Leeholme no result.

Division Two: Cockfield 0 Wolsingham 10; Kelloe 4 Fishburn 6; Langley Park 10 Spennymoor Town 0; Spectrum 2 Spennymoor Jubilee 8; Shildon Town B 4, Cockton Hill B 6; Cockton Hill B 2 Langley Park 6; Spennymoor Jubilee 8 Cockfield 2; Spennymoor Town 0 Spectrum 10; Wolsingham 8 Kelloe 2; Fishburn v Shildon Town B no result.

Fixtures - Division One: Addison Park v Leeholme; Brandon v Mainsforth; Glenholme v Shildon Town A; Shildon Railway v Bishop Auckland; Spennymoor A v Cockton Hill A.

Division Two: Cockton Hill B v Spennymoor Jubilee; Fishburn v Langley Park; Kelloe v Cockfield; Shildon Town B v Spectrum; Wolsingham v Spennymoor Town.

Tables - Division One: Addison Park and Spennymoor A 25; Mainsforth 24; Brandon 23; Cockton Hill A 21; Shildon Town A and Glenholme 20; Leeholme and Shildon Railway 14; Bishop Auckland 4.

Division Two: Langley Park 32; Wolsingham 31; Spennymoor Jubilee 30; Spectrum 26; Kelloe 22; Fishburn 13; Cockfield and Cockton Hill B 12; Shildon Town B and Spennymoor Town 6.

Darlington and District CIU WMC Monday League

P W L Pts

Central 4 4 0 10

East End 3 3 0 9

Darlington 3 2 1 6

Hopetown 4 2 2 4

Cockerton 4 3 1 2

Harrowgate Hill 3 0 3 2

Albert Hill 3 0 3 2

Darlington and District CIU WMC Vets Friday League

P W L Pts

Central 4 4 0 11

Cockerton 4 2 2 7

Hopetown A 3 2 1 6

East End 3 2 1 6

Darlington 3 1 2 4

Albert Hill 4 1 3 2

Hopetown B 3 0 3 0

Hartlepool Men's Vets League

Foggy Furze 79 points; GEC 76; Eldon Grove A 72; Burn Valley B 65; Grayfields 60; Brinkburn 53; Burn Valley A 51; Hartlepool A 49; Hartlepool B 47; Eldon Grove B 36; Park 33; South Durham 30; Seaton 23; Owton Lodge 14.

North Eastern Ladies League

Results: Blackhall 3, Wingate 2; Owton Lodge 3, Staby House 2; Park 5, Horden 0; Grayfields 4, Burn Valley 1; Peterlee 1, Hartlepool 3.

League positions: Park 19, Burn Valley 19, Wingate 17, Blackhall 15, Peterlee 14, Horden 13, Grayfields 13, Brinkburn 13, Shotton 12, Owton Lodge 11, Hartlepool 8, Staby House 8.

CIU Individual Championship

First round draw (to be played before June 20): D. Morrison (Fishburn) v D. Stoker (South Moor); B. Reed (Leadgate) v P. Whitfield, (Crowtrees); I. Peacock (Leadgate) v P. Hughes (Leadgate); P. Coulson (Leadgate) v A. Bell (Horden Labour & Trades); E. Henry (Sunniside) v N. Nixon (Sacriston); M. Fenwick (Brandon) v G. Smith (Fishburn); H. Blakey (Murton Victoria) v B. Taylor (Fishburn); G. Robson (Leadgate) v B. Bell (Murton Victoria); R. Spindler (Murton Victoria) v J. Bannister (Murton Victoria); J. Taylor (Fishburn) v C. Jefferson (Trimdon Colliery & Deaf Hill); M. Mordue (Leadgate) v P. Gibson (Spennymoor); W. Condron (Low Spennymoor & Merrington Lane) v K. Lamb (Hopetown & Whessoe); A. Glover (Murton Victoria) v D. Hume (Darlington); S. Montgomery (Leadgate) v N. Jubb (Murton Victoria); N. Evans (Ferryhill Station) v A. Couch (Horden Labour & Trades); J. Shipley (Crawcrook) v W. Applegarth (Murton Victoria)

Teesside Ladies League

League placing after five games: Borough Park 23pts; Zetland Park 18pts; Norton Park 17pts; Roper Park 17pts; Marske BC 15pts. Nunthorpe and Billingham share 15 points also.

CIU Pairs Championship

First round draw: S. J. Gourley & D. Heseltine (Darlington) v N. Collin & G. Alderson (Crowtrees); J. Corrigan & G. Cousin (Leadgate) v A. Gleghorn & B. Foster (Sunniside); T. Kirtley & J. Thurburn (Usworth & Wasington Gardeners) v G. Longbottom & R. Adamson (Fishburn); A. Couch & L. Burnham (Horden Labour & Trades) v T. Gosling & R. Hodge (Sunniside) T. Brown & R. French (Horden Victory) v A. Glover & G. Winlow (Murton Victoria); T. Wiseman & W. Sedman (Witton Gilbert) v N. Nixon & R. Taylorson (Sacriston); J. Stewart & W. Edwards (Crawcrook Catholic) v G. Robson & P. Coulson (Leadgate); J. Wolfenden & B. Rogerson (Crawcrook) v N. Jubb & B. Bell (Murton Victoria); M. Branthwaite & A. Atkinson (Bowes) v P. Heath & partner (Spennymoor); L. Goodhart & A. Liddle (Sunniside) v C. Jefferson & R. Jefferson (Trimdon Colliery & Deaf Hill); T. Snell & W. Lee (Usworth & Washington Gardeners) v W. Condron & S. Land (Low Spennymoor & Merrington Lane); S. Hubbard & P. Patterson (Crawcrook Catholic) v I. Peacock & H. Peacock (Leadgate); M. Fenwick & P. Davies (Brandon) v B. Reed & F. Richardson (Leadgate); A. Jones & B. Maddison (Ferryhill Station) v L. Keegan & J. Shield (Leadgate); J. Harris & R. Bailey (Annfield Plain) v J. Bannister & J. Winlow (Murton Victoria); A. Charlton & D. Stoker (South Moor) v G. Hall & J. Gregory (Sacriston); D. Hume & R. Johnson (Darlington) v D. Wheaton & R. Lee (Fishburn); T. Cowley & J. Webster (Sherburn Village) v T. Patterson & J. Blair (Shotton Comrades); J. Wilson & B. Naunton (Hetton) v S. Montgomery & G. Bell (Leadgate); J. Taylor & B. Taylor (Fishburn) v A. Maddison & G. T. Bayles (Leadgate); R. Irwin & D. Metcalfe (Leadgate) v S. Summers & J. Lawson (Darlington) J. Pringle & K. Harrison (Whitburn & Marsden) v A. Bailey & P.Haddrick (South Moor); D. Morrison & G. Smith (Fishburn) v R. Hughes & L. Hammond (Shotton Comrades); A. Ridley & J. Cranson (Trimdon Colliery & Deaf Hill) v T. Burt & N. McDonald (Sherburn Village); D. Bainbridge & J. Milner (Shildon Elm Road) v K. Matthews & J. Williams (Quarrington Hill); P. Gibson & D. Gibson (Spennymoor) v D. Woodward & A. Kish, (Mill View); J. Trotter & S. Farry (Ferryhill) v P. Hughes & J. Edwards (Leadgate);M. English & B. Robinson (Dipton) v D. Hann & J. Allen (Crowtrees); K. Seymour & D. Walton (Ferryhill) v P. Whitfield & G. Hutchinson (Crowtrees); H. Blakey & W. Applegarth (Murton Victoria) v R. Spindler & T. Todd (Murton Victoria); M. Campbell & Joe McCabe (Leadgate) v R. Wardman & J. Newstead (Annfield Plain); G. Gibson & B. Coates (Wingate) v J. Austin & T. Peacock (Hopetown & Whessoe).

l Results to be into the branch office by June 20.

Durham County BA (EBA)

District Seven (Stockton)

Rising young star Daniel Whitehouse is looking to challenge for county honours on two fronts. The 13-year-old from Elm Tree is already a four-bowl finalist following a success over Alan Birks (Stockton) along with George Fleming (Stockton) who defeated Les Whitehouse (Elm Tree) and Eric Davis (Norton) who beat Ted Maule (Elm Tree).

Whitehouse plays his junior singles final against John Pattison (Stockton) on Sunday morning.

In the two-wood final, Birks defeated teammate Les Parnell.

The fours' finalists are Marley (Norton) and Parnell while the triples finalists are McIntosh (Norton)and either Marley (Norton) or Parnell's rink, the 1999 county champions, who mee tonight.

The pairs' finalists are McIntosh (Norton) who defeated Maule while Stan Crowe overcame Eddie Petty, both of Norton.