South West Durham Association - Hopetown extended their lead to two points at the top of the First Division after whitewashing their hosts Old Shildon.

Second placed Albert Hill dropped a point at Harrowgate Hill, while Darlington Cricket Club moved up into third position, just a points adrift of Albert Hill, following their maximum success over the visiting Darlington Snooker Club A.

In the top of the table clash in the Second Division, Barnard Castle Glaxo emphasised their top spot when they only dropped one point at former leaders, Shildon Elm Road. Ferryhill took the chance to jump into second place when they only dropped two points at Northgate. Darlington East End failed to send a team to Bishop Auckland Gents B.

Results: Old Shildon 0, Hopetown 4; Harrowgate Hill 1, Albert Hill 3; Bishop Auckland Cricket Club 2, Barnard Castle Folly's 2; Darlington Cricket Club 4, Darlington Snooker Club A 0; Darlington Snooker Club B 3, Bishop Auckland Gents A 1; Shildon Elm Road 1, Barnard Castle Glaxo 3; Northgate 1, Ferryhill 3.

Worthington CIU

Summer League

Wheatley Hill A maintained their four point lead at the top of the First Division when they only dropped one point to the visiting Willington, who were severely weakened by the absence of their leading player, Paul Atkinson. The Hill took the first four points through Jack Wright, Dennis Clish with a 48 break, Dave Walker and Alan Hall. Tommy Parkin saved the visitors from a whitewash by beating Dean Bryden in the final frame.

Witton Gilbert surprised their second placed, unbeaten hosts at Fishburn A by taking an odd point victory with black ball wins in the final two frames. Malcolm Peart put Witton ahead but then John Griffin and Brian Quest won for the home side. Willis Joynes levelled the match and then Ian Kerr beat Charlie Hirst in the decider.

Old Shildon moved up to share second place with Fishburn A after they only dropped one point at Newton Aycliffe. Billy Goggins, Steven Bennett, Michael Pratt and Frank Nicholson won for Shildon, while Stuart neil took the final point for Aycliffe.

Wheatley Hill B landed their first win of the season when they visited Spennymoor A and came through because of wins from Ken Johnson, Steve Cave and Dave Blyth. Dennis Dodd and Gary Easen won for the Moors.

Stanley Central went two up at home to Shotton Palms with wins from Jim Dufton and Harold Grimes. However, Jimmy Evans and Barry Hall levelled the match. Frank Foster put in a 30 break for the Central in the decider to beat Colin Jobes.

Ferryhill lowered the Sherburn Village colours for the first time this season when the visiting Second Division leaders went down after leading 2-0 when Alan Greener and Scott Mallaburn scored points. However Ferryhill levelled with wins from Glyn Toas and Ian Roddam. In the decider Ferryhill's Les Lewis beat Peter McGowan. Despite this defeat Sherburn Village still hold a two points lead at the top.

Langley Park moved up to take over a share of the second place in the Second Division from their visitors, Newhouse A. The visitors got away to a great start with wins from John Maddox and Kevin Allison. However Robert Roche and Kevin Keers stepped up to level the match and then Paul Nord took the Park to victory by beating Keith Mann.

Brandon now share second place with Langley Park after they only dropped one point to the visiting Durham City, who had Michael Pratt as their only winner. The home points came from Kevin Sample, John Middleton, Graeme Jackson and Colin Goodrick.

Newhouse B took the first two points at home to Meadowfield with wins from Alan McCluskey and Glen Morton. However, Ian Hodgson and Craig Hughes squared the match. In the decider Meadowfield's Norman Smith beat David Jackson on the black.

In the top of the table clash in the Third Division, the leaders from Spennymoor B won in the decider at Crowtrees, despite defeat for their leading two players. Crowtrees points came from Keith McLauchlan and Sonny Hann with wins over Wayne Parry and Micky Anderson, two players who rarely lose for the Moors. However Kurt McCormack and Alan Rowell squared the match and then Phil Wilson took the Moors to victory by beating Sean Johnston, to go four points clear of their visitors at the top of the table.

Fishburn B's promotion bid from the Third Division was put on hold when they visited Leeholme A and went down by the odd point. Ray Gill and Barry Shaw won for the home side with Wayne Oliver and George Whitelock with a 41 break levelling. In the decider Leeholme's Ian North beat Keith Binks. This defeat leaves Fishburn B three points behind Crowtrees.

Alan Thompson of Sacriston made his league debut in spectacular style when he set his team off to a great start against the visiting West Auckland. However, the visitors recovered with wins from Andrew Sugden with a 45 break and Kelvin Fletcher. Gary Atkinson levelled the match and then in the decider Sacriston's Willy Nixon beat David Geraty to notch up their first win of the season.

Only Stephen Bainbridge managed to take a point for Leeholme B when they visited Hunwick, who had points from Tom Ward, Trevor Lomax, Arnold Fleming and Barry Fleming.

Results: Sacriston 3, West Auckland 2; Newhouse B 2, Meadowfield 3; Newton Aycliffe 1, Old Shildon 4; Hunwick 4, Leeholme B 1; Ferryhill 3, Sherburn Village 2; Crowtrees 2, Spennymoor B 3; Leeholme A 3, Fishburn B 2; Wheatley Hill A 4, Willington 1; Langley Park 3, Newhouse A 2; Fishburn A 2, Witton Gilbert 3; Stanley Central 3, Shotton Palms 2; Brandon 4, Durham City 1; Spennymoor A 2, Wheatley Hill B 3.

Worthington CIU

Summer Singles

First round results: Stephen Hughes (Meadowfield) beat Jack Wright (Wheatley Hill A); Peter McGowan (Sherburn Village) beat Keith McLauchlan (Crowtrees); Charlie Blake (Old Shildon) lost to Adrian Twist (Sherburn Village); Karl Whitfield (Fishburn B) lost to John Hall (Brandon); Paul Hickman (Shotton Palms) beat Keith Mitchell (Newton Aycliffe); Eddie Rhodes (Spennymoor) lost to Andrew Sugden (West Auckland); David Geraty (West Auckland) beat Wayne Oliver (Fishburn B); Kevin Keers (Langley Park) lost to David Watson (Witton Gilbert); Graeme Jackson (Brandon) beat Robert Roche (Langley Park); Malcolm Hughes (Meadowfield) lost to Alan Greener (Sherburn Village); Dave Walker (Wheatley Hill A) bye; Sonny Hann (Crowtrees) beat George Whitelock (Fishburn B); Tom Parkin (Willington) beat David Blyth (Wheatley Hill B); Scott Mallaburn (Sherburn Village) lost to Michael Pratt (Old Shildon); John Hall (Crowtrees) bye; Alan Buist (Fishburn A) bye; Sean Johnston (Crowtrees) beat Raymond Coates (Langley Park); Barry Shaw (Leeholme) beat Craig Hughes (Meadowfield); Kevin Davison (Witton Gilbert) lost to Stan Bennett (Willington); Neville Blenkinsop (Hunwick) lost to Kevin Sample (Brandon); Andrew Dent (West Auckland) beat Ronnie Peacock (Wheatley Hil A); Willis Joynes (Witton Gilbert) lost to David Jackson (Newhouse); Billy Goggins (Old Shildon) bye; Charlie Donaghy (Tow Law) lost to Dennis Dodd (Spennymoor); Michael Pratt (Durham City) beat Peter Laverick (Crowtrees); Kelvin Fletcher (West Auckland) bye; Brian Graham (Brandon) beat Paul Nord (Langley Park); Frank Nicholson (Old Shildon) beat Steven Bennett (Old Shildon); Stephen Coates (Langley Park) bye; John Bower (Sherburn Village) lost to Lawrence Jones (Leeholme); Michael Bell (Fishburn B) lost to Jimmy Evans (Shotton Palms); Arnold Fleming (Hunwick) lost to Michael Bower (Sherburn Village).

Jack Jobson Memorial Singles Handicap

First round results: Kevin Davison 24 (Witton Gilbert) lost to Billy Goggins 10 (Old Shildon); Arnold Fleming 28 (Hunwick) lost to Paul Nord 14 (Langley Park); Charlie Blake 5 (Old Shildon) beat Stan Bennett 21 (Willington); Phil Whitfield 35 (Crowtrees) beat Brian Graham 10 (Brandon); Keith Mitchell 28 (Newton Aycliffe) lost to Adrian Twist 27 (Sherburn Village); George Whitelock 14 (Fishburn B) beat John Davies 35 (Durham City); Alan Greener 24 (Sherburn Village) lost to John Rooney jun. 24 (Witton Gilbert); John Maddox 14 (Newhouse) lost to Sean Johnston 24 (Crowtrees); Mark Brown 50 (Leeholme B) lost to Ken Robinson 28 (Tow Law); Wayne Oliver 28 (Fishburn B) lost to Jimmy Evans 7 (Shotton Palms). There were 54 byes.

Worthington CIU Summer Pairs Championship

First round results (Only two matches played): were Ian Richardson & Neville Blenkinsop (Hunwick) beat Gordon Parkin & Tom Parkin (Willington); Barry Stoddart & John Davies (Durham City) beat Dave Taylor & Martin Wolf (Crowtrees). There were 62 byes.