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Education Secretary Estelle Morris today announced a new wave of Beacon and Specialist Schools across England.

Ms Morris said the priority in the new Parliamentary session was to build on the higher standards achieved in primary schools.

There will be 425 new Beacon Schools - taking the total in England to over 1,000.

And there will be a further 79 Specialist Schools, which are centres of excellence in subjects such as technology or the arts.

Both groups of schools receive thousands of pounds in extra funding and can select up to 10% of their pupils.

Ms Morris said the new Specialist and Beacon schools would help foster "a culture of innovation" and allow schools to learn from each other.

She added: "We want all schools to be able to build on their unique character."

The Government wants half of comprehensive schools in England operating as specialist centres over the next two or three years.

But critics claim Beacon and Specialist Schools create a two-tier education system which hits ordinary state schools.

Updated: 13.45 Thursday, June 21