A COUPLE, whose love blossomed at a bad taste party set the seal on their relationship in dress from the decade that style forgot.

But it wasn't just the bride and groom in glam colours and enormous sunglasses at Richmond Register Office.

All the guests joined in the spirit of the occasion, with the whole party selecting their attire for the day from the Disgracelands shop in Middlesbrough, which specialises in Seventies fashion.

"It just seemed the right thing to do, considering where we started,'' said groom Alex Logan.

Bride Maria Callaghan, a teacher at Skerne Park Primary School in Darlington, said the ceremony was also an opportunity for a farewell party.

The couple leave Marske in Swaledale for Cairo within weeks.

"We just felt we needed to spend some time working abroad,'' said Maria, who has already found a job as a teacher in Egypt. "I leave on August 25 with Alex following in September.''

After the ceremony, on Friday, the couple were able to prepare for the desert heat by enjoying a glorious summer day in North Yorkshire - including a few drinks among bemused customers at Richmond's Turf Hotel, and a reception at the Morritt Arms at Greta Bridge.