The cost of repairing a dangerous churchyard wall was far beyond the resources of Stokesley parish council, members decided.

The wall next to 4 Manor Close, Stokesley, was in a poor state and it was possible people could be injured by it falling down.

Estimates for repairs had been obtained and the lowest was £27, 483. Members said they would investigate the possibility of getting grants for the work.

Another wall also causing concern was in Silver Street, on one side of the North Road playing field.

Coun Barrie McLoughlin said it was covered in graffiti. The council had contacted the owners to ask whether they intended to carry out pointing on it, prior to the council carrying out the work of painting over the graffiti there.

Churchyard. - The possibility of accidents to the public in the closed churchyard adjoining Manor Close was also discussed. In a letter from the Rector of Stokesley, on behalf of the parochial church council, he said the church had an annual inspection of all headstones in the two churchyards. Any loose or unsafe headstones would be laid flat, and the church authorities would try to contact families of the deceased as soon as possible for them to carry out repairs.

In recent weeks, four headstones have been made safe.

Library move. - Following a suggestion that Stokesley library might be reallocated from its current base in the county council's Manor House to the main hall in the newly refurbished town hall, the chairman of the parish council, Coun Gerry Kay, suggested that the proposal should be put to the town hall management committee.

Bus stops. - The proposals for improved bus waiting facilities, including bus shelters and pull ins on College Square and near the Town Hall have been agreed in principle by the Manorial Land Trustees, provided there were satisfactory discussions with interested parties including the bus companies and Mr George Crow of Stokesley fair.

Double parking. - A complaint has been received from a resident who had been unable to get her car out of her garage because of double parking on College Square and had missed a hospital appointment as a result. The Manorial Trust is to consider putting down white road markings at that point.

Next meeting. -Tuesday, August 21, in the town hall.