FIRST came plastic surgery, then it was the Wonderbra - now the cleavage has a new weapon in the form of a chest expanding gel.

Bust Booster has arrived from America with the claim that one drop can boost breasts a full bra size for an entire evening.

Manufacturers say the gel's pert powers wear off after five hours - a process already dubbed the "Cinderella effect".

Undeterred, woman across the North-East are said to be queuing up to get their hands on tubes of the gel.

Melanie Cairns, 27, from Durham City, who put the gel to the test, said her breasts ballooned by three inches within minutes.

She said: "At first my boobs just felt cold all over, but then they started to tingle and gradually began to get quite warm."

Girls have David Green, a Yorkshire businessman, to thank for the innovation. His company, Studio Holdings, invested in the gel - at £60 a tube for about 30 applications - after it went down a storm in the US.

He said: "It works by stimulating the network of capillaries in the breasts which encourages a natural process called vasodilation. This rushes blood to the treated area.