Weddings From Hell 2002 (ITV): Here comes the bride - walking down the aisle, miming to the Steps song Tragedy.

Guests are standing up in the pews imitating the hand choreography from the Steps video. Even the priest is throwing his arms around like H.

Weddings From Hell 2002 discovered that turning the happy couple and their guests into pop stars on the wedding video is a popular choice.

If only bride Sue had paid more attention to the title of the song in which she starred. Tragedy struck when the couple, who'd been together eight years before the wedding, split up seven months later.

This seemed a minor inconvenience compared to other stories about matches made in heaven ending in the wedding from hell.

Paul and Denise's day was perfect. Then, after they'd gone off on honeymoon, the guests were struck down one-by-one with a mystery illness. They returned to find that 102 of the 150 guests had been struck down and the bride's great aunt had had a heart attack as a result.

Andrew and Merelin actually got married in hospital. The heart unit of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, to be precise, as the bridegroom waited for life-saving heart surgery. All very different to the planned ceremony in a beautiful spot in the Scottish Highlands.

Two weeks before the wedding Andrew was electrocuted, which turned out to be a good thing as routine tests discovered his serious heart condition. Rather than cancel the wedding, the couple rescheduled it in hospital.

There was no happy ending for American Michael Sheils. Family and friends flew 3,500 miles from the US to Ireland for his wedding. The ceremony passed without incident. Then the bride told Michael the marriage was over and barred him from the bridal suite. The act of getting married had made her realise she didn't want to marry him.

Sometimes the bride flees the celebrations only temporarily. Nicky left the reception and her new husband for another man - Boyzone's Ronan Keating. She was determined to meet her favourite singer who was making a personal appearance at a local store. She waited in line, in her wedding dress, for an hour to get his autograph.

Mark and Tracey Smith thought heavy rain and dense fog on their wedding day was bad enough, until a power cut plunged the reception venue into darkness and a guest set her hair on fire during the best man's speech. Never mind, they thought, we'll have a great honeymoon night at our new home. The newlyweds opened the door to find they'd been burgled.