Cockton Hill and Crook Belle Vue continue to dominate the darts section with both recording maximum wins.

The only 180's of the week came from the same two teams when Jeff Sneath hit two for Belle Vue and Billy Steele one for Cockton Hill. The Hill hold a two points lead at the top of the table but Belle Vue have a match in hand and are ten points ahead of the third placed, Byers Green.

Byers Green hold a three points lead in the dominoes section with Middlestone Moor and Chilton sharing second place. Cockton Hill were able to join Ferryhill at the top of the pool section after whitewashing the visiting Prospect, with Crowtrees just a point behind.

The League's main sponsor is now Coors.

Results: Darts: Victoria 3 Crowtrees 4; Crook Belle Vue 7 Chilton 0; Willington 5 Newfield 2; Cockton Hill 7 Prospect 0. The match between Byers Green and Ferryhill was postponed.

Dominoes: Victoria 2 Crowtrees 3; Crook Belle Vue 2 Chilton 3; Willington 3 Newfield 2; Cockton Hill 3 Prospect 2.

Pool: Victoria 1 Crowtrees 4; Crook Belle Vue 4 Chilton 1; Willington 3 Newfield 2; Cockton Hill 5 Prospect 0.

Doubles: Victoria 1 Crowtrees 2; Crook Belle Vue 3 Chilton 0; Willington 0 Newfield 3; Cockton Hill 1 Prospect 2.

Captains: Victoria 0 Crowtrees 3; Crook Belle Vue 2 Chilton 1; Willington 0 Newfield 3; Cockton Hill 2 Prospect 1.

Willington Summer League

Keith Newton of Willington Brewer's Droop was the star of the week after he recorded six points for his team in all the categories of the league on their visit to Willington Burn. The hosts are the reigning champions but went down by two points and now have to make up a two points deficit in their next two matches to go into the knock out stages ahead of the Brewer's Droop and the Lion and Unicorn.

Sunnybrow Brown Trout edged through by two points at Willington Cottles to continue their winning ways and to share the top spot in League A with their hosts. Willington Commercial trail by six points. Despite taking seven of the nine darts points Willington Market were held to a draw by the visiting Willington Club, who lead League B by three points.

Results: Willington Burn 7 Willington Brewer's Droop 9; Willington Market 8 Willington Club 8; Willington Cottles 7 Sunnybrow Brown Trout 9

Tow Law Summer Cup

The format for the Sumer Cup will be six pool singles, five dominoes singles, three pool doubles and three dominoes doubles.

The First Round will be played on Wednesday, 24 July and any team cancelling will be eliminated. The draw is Tow Law Dan's Castle B v Sunniside Comedian; Esh Football Club v Tow Law Dan's Castle A; Tow Law Football Club v Tow Law New Market B; Tow Law Cattle Mart v Tow Law Rose and Crown.