Hamilton Row Black Horse could only share the singles against the visiting Esh McKennas but they did enough in the other categories to stay at the top of the table with a one point advantage over Newhouse Club.

The Horse had singles wins from D. Brown, R. Hird and S. Wilkie whilst C. Tomlinson, M. Starr and K. Starr replied. However the home side took both trebles points and two of the three doubles.

Sunniside Moss Inn took one trebles point, one singles when G. Beveridge won and one doubles from the visiting Newhouse Club, who moved into second place in the table with a three points advantage over Sunniside Comedian, Tow Law Cattle Mart, Esh McKennas and Tow Law New Market A, who all share the third spot.

The leading individual scorers were J. Close with a maximum and C. Close 140 for the Royal Oak, K. Atkinson for the New Market A and R. Thompson for McKennas both hit maximums, B. Aitkin two 140's for Newhouse, L. Cullinan 140 for the Moss Inn, C. Boughey and J. Jordan 140 each for the Cattle Mart and W. Anderson 140 for the Earl Derby.

Results: Stanley Earl Derby 4 Sunniside Comedian 7; Tow Law Station 2 Tow Law Cattle Mart 9; Tow Law New Market A 8 Tow Law New Market B 3; Esh Stag's Head 9 Cornsay Royal Oak 2; Hamilton Row Black Horse 7 Esh McKennas 4; Tow Law Dan's Castle 3 Tow Law Rose and Crown 8; Sunniside Moss Inn 3 Newhouse Club 8.

Crook Ladies League

Crook Queen's Head A extended their lead at the top of the table to 13 points after they only dropped two points to the visiting Tow Law Cattle Mart. Tow Law New Market B jumped up to share second place with Crook Jelly's Bar B and lead Crook Travellers Rest by three points.

The leading individual scorers were Jackie Quarmby 140 and Marie Spence 133 for the Victoria, Barbara Smith 140 for the Cricket Club, Margaret Stewart 140 for the Queen's A, Rose Clement 137 and Norma Parkin 121 for Jelly's B, Tracey Hind 134, Hazel Hogarth 133 and Gloria Jones 131 and 121 for Tow Law Black Horse, Julie Thirling 133 and Liz Barron 130 for the Queen's B, Kay Henry 127 for the Cattle Mart and Babs Pickersgill 125 for the North Point.

Results: Victoria Club 6 Howden Green Tree 5; Crook Jelly's Bar A 2 Willington Black Horse 9; Willington Commercial 3 Crook Jelly's Bar B 8; Tow Law North Point 5 Crook Belle Vue 6; Crook Travellers Rest 7 Tow Law Station 4; Crook Cricket Club 9 Crook Olde Horse Shoe 2; Tow Law Dan's Castle 2 Crook Queen's Head B 9; Crook Queen's Head A 9 Tow Law Cattle Mart 2; Tow Law New Market A 8 Billy Row Royal George 3; Billy Row Green 1 Tow Law New Market B 10; Tow Law Black Horse 7 Billy Row Green 4.

Doreen Johnson Memorial

Crook Royal Sun came through the second qualifying competition by whitewashing Crook RAFA A to move forward to Finals Night.

In the third qualifying stage, Crook RAFA D whitewashed Crook Coach and Horses, whilst Crook Queen's Head B beat Crook RAFA C for the loss of only one point. In the evening's decider, Crook RAFA D whitewashed the Queen's Head B with Janice Warriner hitting two 140's.

The Finals Night will be held at Crook RAFA Club at 8pm on Tuesday, July 9 when the winners from the fourth qualifying night will join Crook Queen's Head A, Crook Royal Sun and Crook RAFA D.

CIU Pairs Championship

Second round draw: E. Whitfield & J. Robson (Sacriston) v D. Young & G. Grieve (Ouston); R. Cook & S. Errington (Stanley Empire) v K. Ellott & J. Ashett (New Hesledon); A. Morrison & R. Young (Grange Villa) v P. Williams & G. Sutherland (Southwick); K. Breeze & S. Ruddock (Deneside) v B. Chapman & C. Cossey (South Moor Excelsior); T. Ward & W. Steele (Cockton Hill) v J. Lee & A. Hewitson (Burnhope Ivy Leaf); R. Brown & T. Nixon (Ferryhill) v R. Gray & B. Dobinson (Stanley Central); M. Hughes & B. Sheldon (Byers Green) v O. Hall & G. Burlison (Grange Villa); J. Robinson & P. Laybourne (Trimdon Colliery) v P. Williams snr & T. Roke (Southwick); G. Gowland & R. Faill (Castleside) v P. Borthwick & C. Bayle (Consett Victoria); P. Lenagh & I. Dixon (Coxhoe) v J. Bowron & J. Coatsworth (Horndale); E. Risbridger & K. Richardson (Sacriston) v P. Nixon & G. Taylor (Ferryhill); A. Jackson & A. Chalmers (Alberta) v P. McGann & A. Smith (Deneside); A. Jennings & E. Williamson (Murton Victoria) v G. Galloway & S. Johnson (Crowtrees); T. Swift & H. Burlison (Ouston) v D. Conroy & T. Warren (South Moor Excelsior); G. Curry & M. Lumley (Relton Terra Branch Office by Saturday, July 20.

CIU Championship

Second round draw, results to be into the Branch Office by July 27: R. Young (Grange Villa) v K. Elliott (New Hesledon); P. Williams (Southwick) v A. Chalmers (Alberta); E. Whitfield (Sacriston) v J. Robinson (Trimdon Colliery); M. Dodds (Stanley Central) v B. Chapman (South Moor Excelsior); P. Nixon (Ferryhill) v P. Lenagh (Coxhoe); M. A. Walker (Stanley Empire) v D. Crawley (Consett Victoria); G. Galloway (Crowtrees) v A. Jackson (Alberta); P. Telford (Stanley Central) v R. Brown (Ferryhill).

Thomas Kelly Team

Quarter final draw: Grange Villa v Ouston; West Auckland v Ferryhill; Leadgate v Winlaton; Byers Green v Relton Terrace. Results to be into the Branch Office by July 20