A BUSINESS which promotes the advantages of learning a foreign language has made a donation to Children in Need - after raising the cash by accident.

Amigos Languages has opened a shop in Richmond, North Yorkshire, where it will be running language clubs and selling educational toys.

As part of its opening day, the Amigos donkey took to the streets, handing out sweets and leaflets to promote the new venture.

However, passers-by mistook the promotion as a charity collection and decided to give rather than take, donating an unexpected £50 in the process.

"What we didn't expect was for people to start throwing money into our sweet bucket," said spokeswoman Jody Dunn.

"One man even slowed down in his van and threw money at us from the window; in the end, we had more money than sweets and decided to tell people any cash they wanted to give us would go to Children in Need."

For information about Amigos Languages, call (01748) 822522.