The government is facing renewed pressure over the Euro amid fears for future production at Nissan's North-East plant.

The Northern Echo revealed earlier this week that a car that may have been built at Sunderland had been cancelled.

Bosses branded the new model - a possible successor to the Almera - unprofitable. The decision has prompted North Durham MP Kevan Jones to demand early entry into the single currency.

Mr Jones used a Commons debate to highlight the fact that manufacturing jobs in the North-East continued to be in crisis, because Britain remained outside the Euro zone. Nissan's factory was not only the most efficient car plant in Europe, but one of the best in the world, he said.

And he added: ''I find it remarkable that the decision to build the new Micra car at Sunderland was taken by a hair's breadth - despite a large Government grant, and 30 percent efficiency over any other European car plant.''

Mr Jones pointed out manufacturing industry in the North-East counted for 20 percent of the region's economy, employing 175,00 people. ''Proportionately the North-East is the largest exporter of manufactured goods in the UK.

''This is where the problem lies for the region in not being part of the Euro zone. ''Last year the region lost over 5,000 jobs in manufacturing - not because the industries were not efficient, but because of the strong value of the pound, and being outside the Euro.'' Jobs in manufacturing were vital, he said, not just in terms of skills in the North-East, but also for the country. ''They are skills we cannot afford to lose.''