VILLAGERS say they are being left in the dark about problems with their electricity supply.

Members of Dene Valley Parish Council say they are regularly affected by power cuts.

Council chairman Chris Foote Wood said: "Several members have confirmed that the area in general is suffering from uncertainly of supply in that it is happening for no apparent reason.

"The electricity can go off for anything up to two hours at a time and it is nothing to do with the weather or peak periods or any work going on in the area."

Areas which have been affected include the Millers Hill estate in Auckland Park, Close House and Coundon Grange.

Coun Foote Wood said: "We're completely in the dark here. We certainly want to known why there's a problem with the electricity supply in the villages."

A spokeswoman for electricity supplier NEDL, said: "We had a local area fault on December 13 and January 9 affecting approximately 20 customers in the Close House area.

"Our engineers are continuing their investigations and work will be carried out as quickly as possible on the network to rectify this intermittent fault.

"All other faults which have occurred have been on a wide area 20,000 volt network.

"These faults have occurred on different parts of our network. Two of these recent faults have been down to vandalism."