A CORONER recorded a verdict of accidental death on an Ovington man who collapsed in a hotel bathroom in India.

An inquest at Richmond Town Hall yesterday was told Terrence Morris, of Ovington, had been unwell for a couple of days while staying with his partner in Casala last year.

On March 11, he decided to have a bath, when his partner, Elizabeth Cannon, realised he had been gone for some time.

The bathroom door was forced open and Mr Morris was found unconscious and bleeding from a head wound; despite attempts to revive him, Mr Morris was pronounced dead at the scene.

Giving his verdict yesterday, North Yorkshire West deputy coroner, Geoff Fell, said the Indian death certificate left something to be desired in that it only recorded the cause as a head injury.

Mr Fell said he had no power to change the document, but subsequent investigations confirmed Mr Morris died from a blood clot on the brain which was probably the result of him banging his head when he either slipped or fell.