COUNCIL Tax in Derwentside will not rise by more than the rate of inflation.

A Government review of how much money Derwent-side District Council should receive has resulted in extra funding of about £600,000 for the next financial year.

Authority bosses said this meant rate payers would no longer have to make up the difference between what the Government pays and what the council needs to spend.

Council leader Councillor Alex Watson said: "While nothing is official, our target is to keep any Council Tax rise within inflation, which is expected to be about 2.5 per cent.

"There is still a shortfall of around £300,000 and we will have to make some efficiency savings. We are confident we can achieve this and still go for growth in some areas."

Coun Watson also promised more funds for closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the district next year.

"Our crime levels are very low, but the fear of crime is something we have not been able to conquer as yet," he said.

"We will address this, which will mean more CCTV across the whole of Derwentside. We will also be working in close partnership with other agencies, such as the police."

The authority will make a decision on any Council Tax rise in February.