COUNCIL taxes in Darlington are set to rise by six per cent this year with promises of extra investment but no cuts in services.

The borough council has stressed that despite the tax increases, householders will continue to pay the lowest council tax in the region.

The recommendation for increases will be decided by a meeting of the council next Wednesday.

Along with increased Government funding, the extra money from tax will provide a £3.8m increase in education funding this financial year, a £1.6m increase in social services and a £320,000 increase in other services.

The council tax rise will mean the majority of the borough's taxpayers, who pay the lowest Band A tax, will have to pay an extra 67p a week, or £34 a year.

The council's budget will also provide another £77m over four years to improve the town's facilities.

This money, which when added to external funding tops £135m, will be spent on various projects including seven new schools, refurbishing the Dolphin Centre, revamping South Park and more CCTV facilities.