Sir. -It is plain to see that North Yorkshire police chief Della Cannings can not live within her means, or ours. With a budget of £96m she needs more, £6m more. Yet if tales from Bedale are anything to go by we will all be paying more for less police. Is this Ms Cannings' idea of a Rolls-Royce service?

Why, according to the Home Office, is it that North Yorkshire is third in the league table when it comes to officers retiring early on medical grounds? That's above Liverpool, Great Manchester and Leicester.

What is it about policing in North Yorkshire that produces such a result and extra cost to the tax payer? Ms Cannings says she is on the case but what, in practice, will that amount to?

The issue of pensions and their cost, to be fair, is not her fault. That, in my view, lies with police authority which over many years has sat back and achieved nothing to bring these costs under control.

Out of the £6m in new monies proposed, what proportion will be spent on pensions? Could Michael Heseltine, authority member for Richmond, give us an answer please?

The Conservative party was once the party for low taxes, why does it now wish to do the dirty work of the socialists? Why does it not make a stand and say no.

North Yorkshire County Council, with Hambleton District Council and all other legions of public sector workers, are going to have to learn, like Mr Micawber, to live within their means.

Is the Conservative party prepared to meet this new political challenge and take on the tax and spend socialists or are they just going to mimic them?

If they can not, or will not, why should people vote for them next May?

Mainstream politicians, along with the hopeless judiciary and a neutered police have together let the people of this country down badly.

Crime pays. The law, order and justice are a joke. Is it any wonder that some voters are turning to the British National Party? Is that what the Conservatives want to happen in North Yorkshire? If the answer is no, what are they prepared to do about it?

If the tax level goes up above the rate of inflation, 2.9pc, I think the Conservatives will pay at the ballot box. I do not want that to happen! This year we have been treated to a bad dose of the North Yorkshire Police Department Blues. It must not be allowed to continue.




What do we get?

Sir, - I write regarding the report in which the chief constable said: "If you want the best you'll have to pay" (D&S, Jan 10).

What does the chief constable think we are doing at the moment? What do we get for the money we already pay?.

I'll tell you what we do not get for our money - an effective police force that has learned how to "prevent" crime instead of just sitting down all day on their over-paid backsides waiting for a crime to happen and then try to detect it.

For those people who do not know, the police are paid about the same as a fireman but the police get extortionate rates of over time for doing their job at night and at weekends.

They want to try working for the same money a member of the armed forces gets.

We do not get criminals, yobs, and thugs deterred from entering our towns and villages by high profile police foot patrols.

So, apart from an increase in tea/coffee consumption, what will we get for our extra payments?

I for one am very keen to know. Over to you madam chief constable.




No gratitude

Sir, - As a resident of Green Howards Road, I feel no gratitude towards the people who are making an effort to go to and from the trading estate "legally" via Green Howards Road instead of Quarry Road.

Has anyone done a speed check along this road? Before the last expansion of the estate, I was told that no traffic count or check was necessary because the county council, or the chief officer concerned, had stated that the road was perfectly adequate to take the expansion of traffic expected.

Some drivers take notice of the double slow signs as they approach the bend in Green Howards Road - most do not. It is very dangerous for the residents along the road, especially for me.

Persons driving cars and vans direct their dissatisfaction at me regularly as I try to get out of my drive.


Green Howards Road,