A COURT has ordered the eviction of more than 100 gipsies from their temporary home after an order by a High Court judge.

The order was made on Wednesday after violence flared at the site in South Bank, near Middlesbrough, directed against contractors working there.

An order for the immediate possession of the land in Old Station Road, was granted to Red-car and Cleveland Borough Council for the removal of 46 vehicles.

The travellers are understood to have gathered for the funeral of fellow gipsy Patrick Lowther, in Stockton, on Monday.

As many as 1,500 are expected to attend the funeral of the 33-year-old, who died of pneumonia while in police custody.

Judge David Bryant, sitting in Middlesbrough, was told by Thomas Forrest, an agent for contractors on the site, that he was headbutted by one of the travellers. Mr Forrest said that he was still concerned about his safety because he and police officers had been threatened.

He said the site had been damaged and that six caravan families who did have permission to be there had fled because of the invasion.

Jeremy Hardy, lawyer for the council, said that the six would be allowed back in due course.