ANIMAL medicine stolen from a vet's car could give crooks a bad trip, say police.

Thieves broke into a Renault car on Sunday night in Heather Terrace, Crookgate, and stole a vet's bag, belonging to vet Katherine Heathcote from the Reptile Trust at Burnopfield. It included 100ml of the antibiotic, Baytril, which, if ingested by humans, could cause hallucinations.

"I carry a First Aid kit in the car in case we come across any injured animals on the road," said Mrs Heathcote.

"There was a bottle of antibiotics which, for some strange reason, they have stolen. It is not suitable for humans, because it is hallucinogenic and can be an irritant to the skin. The side effects can be quite nasty, which is why it is not used on people."

The theft was one instance in a mini crime spree to hit the tiny village of Crookgate on Sunday night. In nearby Fell Terrace, crooks rolled a car off a drive way in a bid to break into a garage. They were foiled by security devices and instead burgled a shed belonging to the house next door.

Thieves also broke into a Fiat van, found some house keys and entered the property. They stole two handbags, a kettle and a purse. Police are appealing for witnesses. Call PC Ian Carlin at Stanley Police Station, on (01207) 232144.