The second round of the fives and threes individuals knockout competition will be played on Friday, February 7, deadline 8.30pm (games may be rearranged by mutual consent). Results to be forwarded to C Holmes within seven days of deadline otherwise both competitors maybe expelled from the competition. Substitutes not allowed.

S Moss (Navy Club) v L Roberts (Grey Horse Hau); A Churchman (Killinghall) v I Dunne (Hospitals SC); J Foreman (3 Crowns) v T Corrie (Grey Horse BP A); W Pattison (Rolling Mills B) v N Kent (Cumby Arms); D Allen (Archdeacon) v I Walker (Rolling Mills B); E Thompson (Havelock B) v T Allan (Hole in the Wall); C Allan (Navy Club) v C Holmes (Cumby Arms); M Stapleton (ARchdeacon) v T Allan (Navy Club); T Colling (Havelock A) v R Harrison (Killinghall); D Robinson (Navy Club) v S Tooth (Hole in the Wall); bye v J Eyles (Archdeacon); B Oliver (Grey Horse BT A) v T Chisman (Caledonian); H Sinclair (Hole in the Wall) v C Chapel (Havelock A); B Hodgson (Hospitals SC) v A Blewitt (Navy Club): J Adamson (Grey Horse Hau) v A White (Grey Horse BT A); B Anderson (Cumby Arms v A Wilkinson (3 Crowns).

The next round will be played on Friday, March 14.

Fives and threes

Division A

Cumby Arms 4, Busters 4; Albert Hill WMC 3, Bank Top A 5; Hole in the Wall 6, Haughton 2; Navy Club 2, Rise Carr WMC 6; Rolling Mills A 3, Rolling Mills B 5.

Division B

Caledonian 1, Havelock B 7; Archdeacon 3, Hopetown WMC 5; Central WMC 4, Hospitals SC 4; Three Crowns 4, Builders 4; Havelock A 4, Killinghall 4.


Railway Inst 5, Bay Horse 3; Bank Top 0, Rolling Mills 8; Builders 1, Caledonian 7; Havelock 2, RA Club 6; Hole in the Wall V 2, Navy Club 6.