FROM this newspaper 100 years ago. - Railway smash. On Tuesday morning, at about twenty minutes to three, a goods train was proceeding northwards from Darlington, and when near the north cabin the engine came into collision with that of another train from the other direction. The impact was such as to knock the engines off the line, and the road was torn up, besides some damage being done to the vehicles comprising the trains. Trains coming from the north in the morning were run behind the station, and then backed in to the platform. The breakdown gang, with all appliances, was soon on the spot, and the delays were not serious.

From this newspaper 50 years ago. - Cost of a £1,900 house. A proposal of a North Riding health committee to build a nurse's house at Great Smeaton, costing £1,900 with a district room and garage, drew a complaint from Coun Lt Col J B S Pennyman, of Yarm. He said his council was building houses for families at £1,400 each. He moved that a figure of £1,400 should be substituted for £1,900.

From this newspaper 25 years ago. - Bishop speaks out against Tory leader. The Bishop of Ripon, the Rt Rev David Young, attacked Tory Leader Margaret Thatcher's views on immigration, when he spoke at the Ripon Diocesan Synod in Harrogate last weekend. He warned politicians that they were playing a dangerous game when they spoke about immigration control and accused them of fostering emotions and feelings of prejudice, fear and hatred which can only be destructive to our society. Mrs Thatcher's views on immigration control were unobjectionable, said the bishop, but what she was heard to say was something quite different and sounded like: "Here is a threat. We will help you resist it."