Cockton Hill only need one point to clinch the darts league after they won by three points at Evenwood, where Mick Holmes win for the home side prevent an early title celebration for the Hill.

The visiting winners were Tommy Ward, Keith Morton and John Denham to add to the team game. The Cockton Hill team also won the pairs to join Tindale Crescent level at the top with both having two matches to play.

Evenwood took the dominoes by two points with skipper, Tony Webb winning the captain's game to move one point behind Ian Bowes of West Auckland. However Harry Ellison and Alan Lamb won the pairs for Cockton Hill to go clear at the top by two points. The dominoes section title chances of Tindale Crescent were strengthened when they beat the visiting West Auckland for the loss of only one point, scored by Ian Bowes. Stuart Whittaker, Wilson Dinsley and Michael Webb won for Tindale to put them four points clear of Eldon Lane and five ahead of West Auckland, who have a match in hand.

Cockton Hill moved seven points clear of Eldon Lane in the pool section after whitewashing their hosts at Evenwood with wins from Dennis Race, Colin Britton, Russell Place and Brian Singlewood. The captain's Table in the pool is a race of the Races as Peter of Cockton Hill leads brother, Terry of Eldon Lane by one point. However the pairs pool title was settled when Stuart Whittaker and Paul Whymer of Tindale Crescent won against West Auckland to go three points clear at the top.

In the whist section, West Auckland dealt their hosts at Tindale Crescent a severe blow when they never dropped a point as Ian Bowes, Wilf Evans, Jimmy Singlewood and Michael Townsend won. This pushed Tindale two points behind Eldon Lane, who drew with the visiting Horndale when Alan Race and John Bell won for the lane and Lenny Turner and George Mills replied.

Horndale command the fives and three section after beating Eldon Lane by two points.

Willington Ladies League

Willington Club B clinched the title in the darts section when they won by the odd point at home to Sunnybrow Brown Trout to go fourteen points clear with one match to play. Willington Lion and Unicorn slipped off the pace when they lost by three points to the visiting Willington Market but they still hold the runners-up spot, four points ahead of Sunnybrow Brown Trout.