Sir, - Quite recently (Feb 5), while crossing an ungritted road, I fell and break a bone in my ankle.

Since then I have been hobbling around on crutches with my foot and leg in plaster. Only people who have broken a limb at sometime will realise the pain, discomfort and frustration it involves.

Why is it each year is the same? Main roads are gritted but not side roads or streets. Yet council tax goes up each year.

Richmnondshire District Council is also hoping to move all the offices from various parts of the town to Colburn. There will just be a small office in Richmond for tenants to pay their rent etc.

Why should our council move to Colburn? Yes, we do need to have all their offices under one roof, but not at Colburn. Will we still be called Richmondshire or will we be called Colburnshire?

It doesn't seem as if the opinion of the people is being sought. It should be put to a vote and the general opinion of the town asked. Council elections I believe are due in May. Councillors will be coming round wanting our vote. Will they be able or willing to answer the various questions we will be asking?


Eastfield Avenue,


Anti-dog Trust

Sir, - May I inform readers of the entrenched anti-dog attitude adopted by the governing body of the National Trust.

Having been disappointed on several visits to Trust properties to find that my dog was excluded entry, I rang the Trust's London headquarters expressing my views.

Today a letter from National Trust customer services arrived listing car parks with shady areas (isolate my dog inside of course) or even worse Trust properties with dog tethering areas - how insensitive can you get!

Our dog accompanies us wherever we go - he is always under control and does not cause damage to anyone or anything.

Can this be said about the increasing number of uncontrolled children who run riot in country places of natural beauty? Are they banned. Never!

In conclusion the Trust's customer care department told me my complaint was the third similar call that morning. So there are other concerned dog owners out there.

If your readers feel, as strongly as I do please write and complain to: - Kirstie Rodd, 36 Queen Anne's Gate, London, SW1H 9AJ.


Grosvenor Gardens,



Rubbish record

Sir, - The UK has a dreadful recycling record. Only about 12pc of our domestic waste is recycled. The rest is either burnt in incinerators or dumped in huge holes in the ground. This causes pollution and wastes energy and resources. But this could soon change.

On Friday, March 14, MPs will discuss the Municipal Waste Recycling Bill, introduced to Parliament by Joan Ruddock MP. If the Bill is passed, it would ensure that every household in England and Wales is provided with a doorstep recycling collection scheme. This would make recycling as easy as putting out the rubbish.

Most MPs have already given their backing to the Bill. But it is essential that they now turn up and vote for it. Unless enough MPs attend the debate the proposal could fail.

A list of MPs that have already promised to attend the debate can be found at Your readers can support the campaign by phoning their local MP (020 7219 3000) and urging them to vote for Ms Ruddock's Bill.

If the Bill is passed the UK could finally have a recycling record to be proud of.

Tony Juniper

Director, Friends of the Earth,


Massive task

Sir, - There have been several letters recently regarding the collection (or not) of rubbish for re-cycling.

Coun Arthur Barker blames the public for litter round the bins but it is not unusual to find individual bins full and overflowing. Surely it is not asking too much that the collectors should pick up whatever is on the ground?

Twice recently the collectors have failed to empty my green wheelie bin and twice my blue bag was not collected. Because I am elderly (92), and crippled, they are supposed to come into my garden to pick up the bins and papers, but evidently the message had not got through to certain collectors. A polite letter to the council (which incidentally, has not been answered) has put this right.

The task of disposal of the country's rubbish is a massive one and will take time to perfect - if it ever is. Meanwhile we all need to do our best to make it work, including our councillors.


Long Street,