North/South scores:

B Seery and E Dobson 58.25 per cent; D and I Muse 40.2 per cent; S Goldstraw and M Hook 50.00 per cent; P Hall and J Mansfield 42.50; G Spence and D Howe 51.88; O Blenkinsopp and M Dexter 56.63; M Clark and B Thompson 60.31; I Burns and M Wiles 60.53; B Myers and J Little 33.44.

East/West scores: O and M Brown 44.44; D Lather and K Watson 58.50; D Wilkinson and K Durkin 45.88; A Newston and A Race 58.56; E Wilkinson and J Bainbridge 63.43; I Gordon and J Dobson 47.92; J and I Heslop 28.47; A Bainbridge and J Burnett 50.56; G and A Young 46.32; B Taylor and D Hughes 55.21