AN independent film maker is to record the views of protestors at a peace vigil in Sedgefield tomorrow.

The Sedgefield Against War group is holding its sixth peace vigil on the village green, outside St Edmund's Church, between 11am and noon.

This will be the sixth weekly vigil the group has held.

This weekend, a film will be made recording the views of those protesting against any possible war with Iraq.

A spokesman for Sedgefield Against War said: "We are opposed to an illegal war against Iraq which will kill many hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people, including children.

"We are Tony Blair's constituents, yet he has taken no interest in our views. We hope that by making this film we can at least get our MP to listen to us. That is why we elected him."

Anyone wishing to take part in the film should ring (01740) 623058 or 652743.