TRAFFIC on busy roads near three schools is to be slowed by new speed measures.

Darlington Borough Council has just completed a consultation with residents, police and bus companies to decide on a traffic-calming scheme for the area around Corporation Road and Salisbury Terrace.

More than 200 people gave their views to the council on how the roads, near to Corporation Road infant, junior and nursery schools, could be made safer.

In total, £60,000 will be spent on making the two roads less dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Among the measures to be introduced will be flashing warning lights near to the school crossing point and a 20mph speed limit. The scheme will also include 11 sets of narrow road humps, called speed cushions, along the full stretch of both roads.

As well as the speed cushions, which are passable by buses, an extended speed bump - called a raised speed table - will be installed outside the main school entrance and another at the crossroads of Corporation Road, Easson Road and Bartlett Street.

A one-way system will also be introduced on a short stretch of road in Warren Street between its junction with Beaconsfield Street and Salisbury Terrace.

Work is expected to start at Easter once further consultation and technical work have been completed.