TWO brothers could be banned from a troubled North-East housing estate.

Middlesbrough Council is hoping to impose anti social behaviour orders (ASBO) youths, aged 19 and 17, from Thornaby, who are serving custodial sentences.

The brothers used to live on the Dodford estate, Hemlington, Middlesbrough, but were evicted after causing havoc along with another 16-year-old.

They will be released soon and residents fear they will return to their old ways.

Councillor Nicola Walker said: "There is no point in waiting until they have come out and then doing something because it will take too long.

"It is better to be preventative and get ASBOs now, because as soon as they have their liberty they will cause major problems for residents."

The move comes as part of a council campaign to stop unruly teenagers making life a misery for residents.

Enforcement officers plan to serve notices on 12 more young men for causing problems in Hemlington, Brambles Farm and Pallister Park.

The brothers were evicted from Hemlington last year but residents said they were returning most nights before they were sent to a young offenders' institution.

Middlesbrough Council is expected to present Teesside Magistrates' Court with more than 30 examples of incidents, which date back to June 2000.

Problems faced by residents include threatening behaviour, intimidation, violence, vandalism and car crime.

The hearing is to be held on April 30.