FROM this newspaper 100 years ago. - Scarlet Fever Outbreak. A serious outbreak of scarlet fever has been reported to the Sunderland Medical Officer of Health, no fewer than 40 cases having been notified in two days this week in one district. The disease is stated to have been disseminated by a milk supply. Since the supply has been under observation only two additional cases have been reported.

From this newspaper 50 years ago. - Flying Saucer Thrill at Thirsk. Six months after Thirsk had its own flying saucer mystery, a similar phenomenon has been witnessed again. Last year a number of airmen at Topcliffe saw a silvery circular object at a tremendous height which finally vanished in the direction of Dishforth. They could not identify it and no satisfactory explanation has ever been made public. Now three more people report seeing a shape which resembled a huge sheet of silvery paper turning over at great height in the sky. They believe it could be neither a bird nor conventional aircraft.

From this newspaper 25 years ago. - Bypass Plan for Darlington. Darlington has been offered the choice of three new roads that will link the A1 motorway with the A66 to Stockton. Each route will reduce the volume of town centre traffic. The government has released £4.5m to build one of the routes and work on the scheme is expected to take two years, beginning in 1984.