Sir, - I have followed your recent reports on school uniform at the Allertonshire School, Northallerton, with interest, as I have a child at the school.

The problems you have highlighted have arisen not because the headmistress, Mrs Hart, is too strict, but because she has previously been too lenient.

Although parents were supplied with a school uniform list, in practice, non-compliances such as non-uniform sweatshirts were tolerated. Therefore, many children bowed to the peer pressure to wear fashion clothing, instead of school uniform.

Difficulties have now arisen because Mrs Hart has announced a crack-down on uniform, after parents have bought the fashion clothing instead of the school uniform. If the uniform rule had been constantly enforced, then uniform, not fashion clothing, would have been bought, and there would not be a problem.

This can be seen in the neighbouring schools at Thirsk, Bedale, Richmond, Hurworth and Stokesley.

As a parent of a child at the school, I hope that Mrs Hart will be successful in enforcing the uniform rule: uniform is cheaper to buy than fashion clothing, and I do not want my child distracted from lessons by a fashion parade. However, I fear that, having shown weakness once, she faces a hard task.


Hunters Ride,

Appleton Wiske.

No surprise

Sir, - The American and British Forces won the Second World War by using secrecy and surprise.

It is no wonder that our armed forces are encountering difficulty in Iraq because all their plans and strategies were debated and broadcast long before the men and women were deployed in the Gulf.


Station Road,

Great Ayton.

Green bottle

Sir, - May I draw readers attention to the Green bottle scheme useful for anyone who feels vulnerable at home, the slip inside provides patients medical information in a bottle. ie. vital details of illness and/or allergies etc, also treatment, details handy to emergency services or friends and contact name if they are needed during a call to your home - these bottles are available from surgeries or by phoning 01609 777514.


Bankhead Road,


Cancer collection

Sir, - A recent collection in Great Ayton & District collected £2,477.73 for Yorkshire Cancer Research. The committee is very grateful to those who collected and contributed.


Hon Secretary

Yorkshire Cancer Research, Great Ayton & District Committee