A DISABLED man says that his family has been left homeless after a string of disasters.

Peter Stainer said his wife and their two young children had been left with nowhere to go after a landlord served them with notice to quit the Darlington property.

He said the council had failed to find the family anywhere to live.

Mr Stainer, whose children are aged four and ten months, said the house in Corporation Road had been visited by an environmental health officer, who found a catalogue of problems that the landlord needed to resolve.

His landlord then informed him that he had sold the property and gave the family 28 days to move out

Mr Stainer said he had been forced to move to the property a few months ago after the family were harassed when they lived in a council house off Hundens Lane.

He said: "We left because my van was burned out, people would shout abuse at us in the street and they would throw stones at the house at three in the morning. I had to leave because I was worried about the children.

"The new landlord is bringing the builders in on Monday and we have to be out by then. I don't know what to do. I can't have my kids on the street."

A council spokesman said Mr Stainer moved out of the council property the same day he reported problems, leaving them no time to investigate them.

He said: "An environmental health officer visited the property in Corporation Road and they have served notice on the landlord that certain things need to be done. As far as we are aware the landlord is doing that.

"The landlord legally can't kick him out. He needs to seek legal advice.