SHAMEFUL. That is our opinion of Corus this morning.

Union leaders, politicians and senior business figures - with the notable exception of Dr John Bridge, chairman of One NorthEast and the Steel Taskforce - will gather for a summit this weekend to debate the future of steel-making on Teesside.

Corus, having effectively sounded the death knell for steel-making in the area, has decided not to attend.


The wide-ranging view in the North-East is that Corus has given Teesside an impossible task by casting it adrift to compete on its own in the international market.

The decision to snub the thousands of loyal North-East employees by staying away from the summit simply confirms that view.


Steel-making has been the foundation of Teesside's industrial base for generations. That heritage is being treated with disdain by Corus.


At the very least, Corus should have the guts to face those whose lives revolve around the steel industry, explain its actions and be part of attempts to find a more optimistic way forward.

There is still time for the company to realise it has a duty to attend. Its failure to do so will not only be shameful but also unforgivable.