TEACHERS are about to be confused when 11-year-old identical quadruplets become pupils at a comprehensive school next month.

The fair-haired Guy girls - Emma, Kirsty, Laura and Becky - are moving from the village primary school at Bowes, near Barnard Castle, to the comprehensive at Staindrop.

The sisters always wear different clothes and hairstyles so that they can be treated as individuals, but at their new school they will be wearing identical uniforms.

Emma said yesterday: "We went to our new school for three days just before the summer holidays and caused a lot of confusion even though we wore different outfits.

So it will probably be worse at first when we're all in uniform."

To ease the problem, the quads have agreed to split up for lessons, with Emma and Kirsty in one form and Laura and Becky in another.

Kirsty said: "Although it will make things a little easier for the teachers in class, they are bound to get us mixed up when they see us in corridors or other places."

Emma's favourite school subject is sport and she wants to be a sports teacher. Laura likes English and wants to run a boutique.

Kirsty's best subject is art and she hopes to be an actor while Becky likes history and wants to be a writer.

All four also have different pets, and favourite singers and television shows.

Their parents, Alan and Vivian Guy, of Nova Scotia Farm, Bowes, have always encouraged the girls to be individuals rather than being "the quads".

The girls were born several weeks prematurely on March 25, 1993. Their weights varied from 2lb 2oz to 3lbs 4oz and despite fears for their survival, they were soon all thriving.