POLICE have sent a message to thoughtless motorists whose parking habits have been causing problems for pedestrians.

Last month, officers covering the Carrville area of Durham received complaints about cars being left on pavements and footpaths.

The difficulties caused have been in the Carrsway, Fallsway and Dene Drive area.

As part of Durham Constabulary's StreetSafe initiative, Carrville's beat officer PC Gordon Stuart had more than 100 leaflets printed asking people to take more care when parking.

Last week, PC Stuart and Police Community Support Officers dropped the leaflets through letterboxes in Carrville in an effort to educate drivers.

PC Stuart said: "Leaving a vehicle on the pavement causes real problems for elderly people and those who are partially-sighted or generally less mobile.

"The leaflet blitz does seem to have made a positive difference, but we will continue to keep an eye on things,'' said PC Stuart.

Fixed penalty notices, with a standard £40 fine, will be issued if cars are found to be parked on the pavement.