DUE to the closeness of the shooting season, Guisborough and District MC had no option but to bring their round of the East Yorkshire Centre Championship event forward to the beginning of the month when asked by the landowners.

Clerk of course Phil Teasdale and friends did a superb job in marking out a three-lap, 12-section course over some of the best land the centre has to offer.

Sean Robinson from Guisborough dominated from the start and only the experienced duo of Mark Harrison and Ian Hopley were able to stay anywhere near his tally of seven.

Seasoned observer Jim Carr had possibly the hardest section of the day, a series of rock steps on the cambered hillside which accounted for four of Robinson's marks. He lost two more on section two and a solitary dab on the steps of Mick Barnfather's section five.

Harrison and Hopley lost more ground at Andy Metcalfe's section 11. Harrison came to a sudden stop and fived, while Hopley squandered three.

Richard Sharp rode superbly to take clubman A, losing a mere three dabs. This included a loose one on the relatively easy first section and two on the difficult second.

But for a sticking front brake on the last lap, Phil Manton may have run him a lot closer as he produced lap scores of two, two and seven.

Mick Grant rode his Tiger Cub to a clear win in clubman B on a score of 18 from Rob Linklater on 33.

Schoolboy class A was hotly contested. James Carr from Scarborough came out top dog on the day, but not without a battle from young John Banks.

Tom Smith won schoolboy B with a loss of 47.

Results. - Premier: S Robinson 7. Best inter: C Chapman 58. 1st class: M Harrison 12. Best c/man A: R Sharp 3. 1st class: P Manton 11; N Pybus 13. Best c/man B: M Grant 18. 1st class: R Linklater 33; A Maynard 36; J Pattinson 38. Best youth A: J Carr 42. B: T Smith 47.