Sir, - I am vehemently opposed to reopening of Crossthwaite/Park End Quarry. My reasons are linked to the proposed possibility of a housing development off Bridge Street which I also feel is totally unacceptable.

I would hope for support from the parish council, Teesdale District Council and Durham County Council and local residents to block both proposals.

My concerns are:

* sheer volume of traffic currently using Bridge Street;

* poor access along Bridge street due to residents' vehicles;

* the creation of an extra access for a minimum of 17 homes off Bridge Street and the possibility of these homes generating another 34 cars to enter/exit Bridge Street into this development;

* up to 40 lorry journeys over and above these vehicles passing along Bridge Street to the quarry.

I am also concerned about the safety of pedestrians on this road and along Holwick Road. Remember the number of walkers these areas attract plus the children using the field study centre.

There is also a blind corner near the Tees Bridge, insufficient width for lorries passing each other along Holwick Road and the road is used by many locals for access and by local formers to reach their land.

Environmental issues include:

* noise pollution from blasting/extra vehicles;

* dust covering surrounding area - including an ancient woodland at Park End;

* Teesdale is an area of outstanding natural beauty which will be ruined by the above - just look at Selset as a result of quarrying activity.

* The impact on species caused by disturbance to the natural flora and fauna surrounding both these developments.

Please don't be swayed by the dangling of a carrot that these developments will bring prosperity and jobs to the area. That would be a fallacy. These developments will merely line the pockets of the developers and the landowners of both sites with no effect on the local economy at all.

I urge the parish, Teesdale and Durham County Councils to stand firm, to support the local people they represent and use all necessary powers to block these developments.


Bridge Street,

Middleton in Teesdale.