A HOUSE in the North-East has been named the cheapest in the country after it was valued at £5,000.

Its value was only revealed when an estate agent put a sign above the door of 57 Costa Street in South Bank, Teesside, which is occupied by tenant John Limon.

Mr Limon's neighbours blamed Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council for not investing enough to improve the area, helping it earn the title of the UK's cheapest place to live, according to the Land Registry.

One resident, who did not want to be named, has lived in the street with her husband for more than 50 years, but is now too embarrassed to let people know where she lives.

She said: "When we moved to the area, the place was beautiful. It was such a close-knit community, but that has now been ruined.

"In less than three years, the street has been dragged down to this condition. I am so ashamed of the area now.

"I love my house and I am proud of it, but I do not want people knowing where I live now; it is just too embarrassing.

"We are at our wits' end. All we want is the council to tell us what's going on."

Jan Fairbridge bought her home on the street 21 years ago with her husband, Stuart. They have had their house on the market for nearly a month, with an asking price of about £25,000.

She said: "We have had offers, and one man who came up from London for a look was impressed with the house, but when he saw the rest of the street, he withdrew."

A long-term renewal plan for the area is being worked on by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, and the results are expected shortly.

South Bank ward councillor Ian Jeffrey, chairman of the Single Regeneration Budget Partnership Board and the resident-led South Bank Housing Strategy Group Steering Group, is disappointed that some people feel it is the council's fault.

He said: "We are getting close to the position where we know what people themselves want, but the biggest problem we have is getting the cash to get the scheme up and running.

"It is sad people are blaming the council."

Cabinet member for housing and neighbourhood renewal Councillor Chris Abbott said: "There has been sufficient consultation with residents, with over 200 people filling in questionnaires that show they are overwhelmingly in favour of a radical overhaul."