The answer to all those burning questions is only a phone call away...

GOT a question? Need an answer? As long as you've got credit on your mobile phone, all the wisdom of the universe can be yours for £1 a throw. You know how it is - you're in the pub and someone starts an argument about who won the Grand National in 1965 or who's going to win the Premiership this season. Or you want a recipe for something... or need train times... or maybe you just need to know a quick answer to something simple like: "What is the meaning of life?"

Until now, you've had to phone your mum, go to the library or click on the Internet. Or just bang your head against the wall.

But now you can text your question and get an answer in minutes.

We tried it with all the questions Echo staff needed answering on Monday morning. The longest response time was four minutes - for train times to London. Most took around two minutes. The quickest was for the meaning of life. I guess they've got good at that one...

Q When is the next train from Darlington to King's Cross?

A Next train is 10am, arriving 12.30. If you miss that, the following train is 10.30, arriving 1300.

Q What are the colours for wiring plugs?

A Brown is live (next to the fuse); green/yellow is earth (middle) and blue is neutral.

Q How do I make quiche lorraine?

A Make pastry. For filling add 9oz grated cheddar and sliced tomatoes. Fry 7oz bacon and add. Mix 5 eggs, 100ml milk, 200ml double cream. Pour over. Bake 35 minutes Gas Mk 3.

Q How can I stop my fingernails flaking?

A Treat them gently and moisturise regularly. Don't bite or pick the cuticles.

Q Do seagulls wink?

A Seagulls and other birds can control their eyelids independently of each other. Birds have three eyelids. Parrots can be taught to wink.


Questions are answered quickly, fairly helpfully and in nice friendly fashion. Apart from one. When we asked how we could get a fake passport, we had a very stern reply.

"Sorry but the AQA service policy does not allow answers to questions of this type." So, said the Features Editor, we won't ask them about the pipe bombs then...

But it's a gr8 service - very useful when you can't get to Google or your mum. But be warned - it's seriously addictive.

Any Questions Answered text to: 63336. Questions cost £1 each, plus the cost of the call.

Another useful text service is Shazam - play it some music and it will text you back with the name of the track and artist. Text 2580. Call costs 50p plus call charge.