PEOPLE living in Darlington are being asked for their views as council officials prepare a blueprint for tackling discrimination.

The town's first social inclusion strategy is being drawn up to agree a common approach for combating problems in the borough.

The document will set out an action plan detailing what needs to be done and it will profile some of the communities in Darlington that are thought to be at higher risk of discrimination and disadvantage.

The work is being co-ordinated by the borough council's strategic social inclusion group.

Consultation with the public on how the project should be approached in Darlington is under way.

Deputy council leader Bill Dixon said: "Darlington is clearer than many local authorities about what it means by social inclusion.

"For us, it is simply the action that needs to be taken to improve the life chances of those who are suffering, or who may suffer discrimination and disadvantage."

The consultation period ends on August 31. Residents wanting to comment or obtain a free draft of the strategy can contact David Plews at the town hall on (01325) 388023.